If you have a technical question, the fastest way to get in touch with our technical team is by emailing directly to 

In the email header, just insert your name, address and postcode along with a brief description of the issue faced. We look to turn support queries around within 24 hours wherever possible. 

Our support services are extensive and our team are very highly trained in all aspects of our equipment. Most of the time we can resolve your issues remotely without even needing to send engineers to your property. 

On the right we have listed some of our most common queries and the resolutions to them.

If you would prefer to talk to our team, please feel free to call us on 0333 050 8175. 


  • I’ve had a new broadband router and now cannot access my systems?

    When you receive a new broadband router, your services may go offline. This will usually be the case if you have changed to a new broadband company. If the broadband company is the same then your connection should continue to work as normal. For smart alarms, a restart of the alarm system may be needed for the alarm to register itself with the new router; to do this follow the FAQ below “my system shows offline”. If you have changed to a different broadband provider, we will most likely need to reconfigure the new router. This will involve a support session with our technical team and may involve a physical call out. You can either email our support team below or call us on 0333 050 8175.

  • My alarm panel or CCTV system is showing offline in the app?

    This error is usually caused by an interruption to the power supply or broadband connection at the property. Here are a few things you can quickly check to resolve the problem:

    1. Reboot your broadband router.
    2. Check if the supplied TP-link/Tenda network powerline adaptors are paired to each other successfully (there will be one adapter next to your broadband router, one next to the CCTV recorder, and one next to the smart alarm control panel). Here is a video guide that demonstrates how to pair them to each other if you do not have 3 green lights on all adapter plugs: Powerline pairing information
    3. If the above TP-Link/Tenda adaptors are paired correctly, then restart the CCTV recorder box by turning off the power for 1 minute and then turning it back on.
    4. For Risco smart alarm systems, you can manually restart the system with this procedure: go to your keypad > press the star key (or cog key on newer keypads) and wait for the message ‘Smart&SecureHome’ > press the star key (or cog key) again and the message ‘insert code appears’ > enter your user pin > the first option that comes up is Activities > press the # key (or OK key) to accept this option > use the arrow keys on the keypad to go to the option Advanced … > press the # key (or OK key) to accept this option > use the arrow keys to go to the option System Restart > press # key (or OK key) > the keypad will display System Restart Y or N , press the Part Set key to change the N to a Y followed by the # key (or OK key) to reboot the alarm panel.

    Following the procedures above, you should restore the connection and mobile app access. You may need to close your smartphone apps and re-open them to see that the system is again live.

  • I’ve had a new phone and need to reinstall the apps, what do I do?

    For Risco smart alarms: download the ‘Freecontrol’ app and install it. After installation, open the app and log in with your username (email address), password and pin number. All of this information is on your handover certificate left by the engineer.

    For Ajax smart alarms: download the ‘Ajax’ app and install it. After installation, open the app and login with your email address and password. The password will be the one created by you when the system was installed, if you can’t find it you can press the reset password button.

    For CCTV / Doorbell systems: download the ‘Hik-connect’ app and install it. After installation open the app, select United Kingdom as your country and enter your login details from the handover certificate. After installation it is recommended to do the following:

    1. Press the more button > settings > and turn off the ‘floating live view option’ to simplify the viewing experience.
    2. Start the live view from one of your cameras and enter your encryption password (also on the handover certificate).
    3. After the live view has started press the three … dots in the top right hand corner > then press settings > after this press configure ddns > enter the username ‘admin’ and then enter your password in the box below. After this press the save icon in the top right hand corner.

    You will get a message saying ‘configured.’ If you see any other message, do not worry just go back to the setting screen and you should see the red ‘not set’ message has gone. Doing the above step ensures the fastest access to the system.

  • I’ve forgotten my alarm or CCTV app password.

    This is a very common query! Our engineer would have left a ‘handover certificate’ at the end of the installation. On the rear of this certificate are all your log in details for the various systems. If you are unable to find this information, you can reset your passwords using the following methods:

    To reset your alarm system password, visit the website here you can reset the password by clicking the forgot password button and entering your email address.

    To reset your CCTV system password, visit click the forgot password option and enter your username; this can be found on the handover certificate the engineer left you at the end of the installation.

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